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    Is coffee a fundamental part of your day? It’s pretty crucial to many people around the globe. The ritual of brewing, the aroma, the first hot sip and the last cool one, flavours emerging and blooming throughout the cup many of us have developed a bit of an addiction to the coffee bean and can’t start their day without that perfect tasting cup.  Coffee making is […]

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    18 November Quit the plastic water bottles. We have the solution.

    Quit the plastic water bottles. We have the solution.   Give us a call, drop us a message or book your FREE on-site water test TODAY!      Water is inevitable in our everyday life. We need it to stay hydrated, to wash fruits and vegetables, prepare food and numerous indoor and outdoor household purposes.   It’s a key ingredient in our tea, coffee and most of our food […]

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    Why you need to filter your water in UAE With hydration being a key element to our survival, the quality and purity of the water we consume can radically influence our health and well-being. Unfiltered tap water contains contaminants including chlorine which is necessary to disinfect the water, kill germs and prevent the spread of […]

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