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Bottle-Free Water Dispenser



Permatech Bottle-Free Water dispenser is an economical choice for a high quality water distributor that is capable of supplying purified water in multiple temperatures; hot, cold and room temperature.

Its filtration system is based on Reverse Osmosis, which removes harmful particles and bacteria, and improves the taste and odor of water.

It is installed directly to water mains, so you can enjoy an endless supply of delicious drinkable water, without the hassle of replacing water jugs, storing them or arranging delivery schedules.

The final product is crystal clear and clean water in room temperature, chilled to perfection or readily hot for your coffee; which makes it a perfect addition to your home or office.

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Product description:

Permatech Bottle-Free Water Dispenser uses water pressure provided by the water main, and consists of RO membrane and patented replaceable prefilters & postfilter. It is equipped with a 6-stage Molecular Water Filtration System based on Reverse Osmosis, where feed water flows through a set of prefilters that remove sediment and chlorine from the water supply before they can enter the RO membrane. Afterwards, the the molecular filtration technology in the Reverse Osmosis membrane filters the water up to 0,0001 micron and removes impurities such as heavy metals, radioactive and carcinogenic elements. The postfilters thereafter remove any taste or odour that may remain in the water, and the final stage uses a mineralisation technology to reintroduce beneficial minerals into your water using carefully selected dolomite stones, just before going to the tank. The clean drinkable water is stored in the tank for your use, while contaminated brine water is directed to the drain.

Stages of Water Filtration System:


Stage 1: Heavy Sediment Filter, double layered Yarn & Spun (5 microns rating) High quality cartridges, manufactured with Polypropylene thread outer layer and Polypropylene Spun for the inner layer which makes these filter capable of a double filtration performance. Their structure ensures very effective removal of mechanical impurities (big and smaller particles), such as: sand – rust – river mud – fluvial silt – pollen – microorganisms – carbon dust – other precipitates   Stage 2: Activated Carbon High quality cartridges, containing granular activated carbon. Cartridges improve water taste and smell by effectively removing:
  • Organic impurities (microorganisms, bacteria, funghi)
  • Mechanical impurities
  • Chlorine and its poisonous compounds
  • Lead and toxic heavy metals
  • Pesticides, detergents and phenoles
  Stage 3: Sediment-Carbon High quality, patented sediment-carbon cartridges, manufactured with polypropylene thread and activated carbon. Their structure ensures very effective removal of various impurities, such as: sand - rust - river mud- fluvial silt- pollen - microorganisms- chlorine and its poisonous derivatives lead and other heavy metals- organic compounds- pesticides – detergents - phenols  

Reverse Osmosis Membrane

Stage 4: Osmotic Membrane Osmotic membrane is a barrier for organic and non-organic contaminants, solids dissolved in water, heavy metals, radioactive and carcinogenic elements. It only allows water particles in, as its porosity is similar to the size of water particle, that is 0,0001 micrometers.  

Activated Carbon

Stage 5: In-line GranularActivated Carbon [AC-IL-GAC] The carbon GAC cartridges are made of granular coconut shell activated carbon. They utilise activated carbon's ability to absorb chemical impurities.  


Stage 6: In-Line Mineralizer Mineralizing MIN-1L cartridges saturate water with mineral salt ions. The appropriate dissipation of minerals contained in the cartridge filling causes their dissolution in water. This, in turn, improves the taste and smell of water.

Technical specifications:

Product NameBottle-Free Water Dispenser
CapacityUp to 300 l/day
Water Pressure Range2, 8 - 6 bar
Water temperature2-38 °C
Cold water temperature4-12  °C
Hot water temperature85-100 °C
Cold water tank4 litres
Hot water tank2 litres
Cool Water Tank8 litres
Power consumption - Hot Water700 W
Power consumption - Cold Water100 W
Voltage / Frequency230 [V] / 50 Hz
Replacement*Prefilters every 3-6 months Membrane every 1-3 years Postfilters every 6 months
Dimensions (w x d x h) in cm40.0 x 32.0 x 104.0
Net Weight19 kgs
*Depending on source water quality and contamination level.
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