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Water Filtration System (USF3)



Get the water quality you and your loved ones deserve.

With our Permatech water filtration system (USF3), you will immediately taste, feel and see the numerous benefits of having quality water.

This system can be installed under the sink or on a wall close to the water source. It uses water pressure to force it through stages that will filter out impurities. Clean drinking water goes to the faucet, while the impurities remain on filter cartridges.

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Product description:

The system consists of innovative, patented and constructed to ensure simple replacement without the need to use a wrench). The cartridges remove sediment and chlorine from the water, improve taste and reduce odours depending on type of the filters you’ve selected. The cartridge filters need to be replaced every 3-6 months, depending on the feed water quality and type of contaminents.

Stages of Water Filtration System:

Stage 1: Heavy Sediment Filter, double layered Yarn & Spun (5 microns rating) High quality cartridges, manufactured with Polypropylene thread outer layer and Polypropylene Spun for the inner layer which makes these filter capable of a double filtration performance. Their structure ensures very effective removal of mechanical impurities (big and smaller particles), such as: sand – rust – river mud – fluvial silt – pollen – microorganisms – carbon dust – other precipitates
MODELHEIGHT (in)DIAMETER (in)MAX FLOW (i/min)CAPACITY*                                    (liter)PRESSURE DROP (bar)WORKING PRESSURE (bar)DIAMETER (⁰C)
AC-PS-10-5-NL11 1/52 1/23,71100  (max 6 months)0,28,52 to 38
*Depending on water conditions and type of contaminants   Stage 2: Activated Carbon High quality cartridges, containing granular activated carbon. Cartridges improve water taste and smell by effectively removing:
  • Organic impurities (microorganisms, bacteria, funghi)
  • Mechanical impurities
  • Chlorine and its poisonous compounds
  • Lead and toxic heavy metals
  • Pesticides, detergents and phenoles
MODELHEIGHT (in)DIAMETER (in)MAX FLOW (i/min)CAPACITY*                                    (liter)PRESSURE DROP (bar)WORKING PRESSURE (bar)DIAMETER (⁰C)
AC-PP- GAC 10-NL11 1/52 1/23,71100  (max 6 months)0,28,52 to 38
*Depending on water conditions and type of contaminents   Stage 3: Ultra-Filtration High quality cartridges, containing a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane. Their structure ensures very effective removal of most mechanical impurities, colloids and any compound water and turbidity above 0.05 micrometers.
MODELHEIGHT (in)DIAMETER (in)MAX FLOW (i/min)CAPACITY*                                    (liter)PRESSURE DROP (bar)WORKING PRESSURE (bar)DIAMETER (⁰C)
AC-H-   10-NL11 1/52 1/21,51100  (max 6 months)1,04,02 to 38
*Depending on water conditions and type of contaminents  
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